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Pressure regulators DR70

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DR70 Seriesis a regulator most suitable for pipeline application where high flow of water, chemical, liquid, gas, etc. is requested. NPT or BSP 3/4Œand up to 1Œpipe can be selectively used to this series. The self-correction function of DROP built in this regulator enables to keep the P2 pressure (adjusted or setting pressure) stable and constant without impact from P1 if it faces big pressure differences at P1. Regulator body is made of brass or stainless steel 316L and has the wide range of inlet pressure up to 250bar (3,625psi) for brass body and 350bar (5,076psi) for stainless steel body respectively by model. Outlet working pressure has the range of 0.5~55bar(780psi) by model.


- Precision control of NPT or BSP 3/4" 1" Type Regulators
- Drop-prevention function Built-in.
- Suitable for the research labs, industrial control
- Outlet 10bar(145psig), 25bar(362psig) 50bar(725psig), 70bar(1015psig)
- Panel mounting Bracket #DR70-PMB option


Each product is manufactured since being taken into consideration of the best safety and easy manipulation. However in order to use the regulator in most safe and effective way, you are recommend to use the ectual pressure within the rage of its 25% ~ 75%. For making precise, smooth movement and to prolog product life, strongly recommended to make a use within above mentioned rage.




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Code Connect. Cv Pressure,
*S *B
DR701-*P-010-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-10
DR701-*P-025-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-25
DR701-*P-050-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-50
DR701-*P-070-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-70
DR701-*P-010-NP3 NPT 1" 0-10
DR701-*P-025-NP3 NPT 1" 0-25
DR701-*P-050-NP3 NPT 1" 0-50
DR701-*P-070-NP3 NPT 1" 0-70
DR702-*P-010-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-10
DR702-*P-025-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-25
DR702-*P-050-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-50
DR702-*P-070-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-70
DR702-*P-010-NP3 NPT 1" 0-10
DR702-*P-025-NP3 NPT 1" 0-25
DR702-*P-050-NP3 NPT 1" 0-50
DR702-*P-070-NP3 NPT 1" 0-70
DR701-*P-070-NP1 NPT 1/2" 0-70
DR702-*P-070-NP1 NPT 1/2" 0-70
DR702-SH-P-150-NP1 NPT 1/2" 0-150
DR702-SH-P-150-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-150
DR702-SH-P-250-NP1 NPT 1/2" 0-250
DR702-SH-P-250-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-250
DR702-SH-P-350-NP1 NPT 1/2" 0-350
DR702-SH-P-350-NP2 NPT 3/4" 0-350