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Pressure regulators DRA700

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DRA 100 Seriesis is the economical model of pressure reducing regulator which is suitable to use for the hook-up line, bulk gas line and high-purity gases and realizes the optimal performance and washing. It is suitable to use at the semi-conductor production line. Internal surface is processed to the grade of B. A. Patent-applied locking-plate system is also used to this model. All processes of assembly, welding, testing and washing of DRA700 series are carried out and thoroughly managed in the 1000-class and 100-class clean room. DRASTAR regulators are designed and manufactured for easier operation by equipping with the DRASTARss own developed push and lock type handle which completely prevents the self-change of pre-set value which can be caused by the vibration from outside or minute vibration at the gas pipeline. You can prevent the selfchanging of pre-set value just by pushing the handle and reset the value freely by drawing the handle. DRASTAR has created and applied patent for this push and lock system for DRASTAR regulators (patent number 10-1086199).


  • - Lok Type Regulator
  • - Suitable for the hook-up line of semiconductor process
  • - Internal surface B. A. grade
  • - All performad in class 1000 and class 100 clean-rooms
  • - Locking-Plate Seal system(Patent No : 10-0753280)

Recommendations to Use

Each product is manufactured since being taken into consideration of the best safety and easy manipulation. However in order to use the regulator in most safe and effective way, you are recommended to use the actual pressure within the range of its 25% ~ 75%. For making precise, smooth movement and to prolong product life, strongly recommended to make a use within above mentioned range.



Arrangement of ports

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Code Connect. Cv Pressure,
*S *B
DRA700-A025S-LPO-4L-GOS Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A050S-LPO-4L-GOS Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A100S-LPO-4L-GOS Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A250S-LPO-4L-GOS Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A025S-LPO-4L-G1S Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A050S-LPO-4L-G1S Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A100S-LPO-4L-G1S Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A250S-LPO-4L-G1S Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A025S-LPO-4L-G1S-GAUGE Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A050S-LPO-4L-G1S-GAUGE Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A100S-LPO-4L-G1S-GAUGE Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A250S-LPO-4L-G1S-GAUGE Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A025S-LPO-4L-G2S Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A050S-LPO-4L-G2S Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A100S-LPO-4L-G2S Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A250S-LPO-4L-G2S Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A025S-LPO-4L-G2S-GAUGE Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A050S-LPO-4L-G2S-GAUGE Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A100S-LPO-4L-G2S-GAUGE Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2
DRA700-A250S-LPO-4L-G2S-GAUGE Lok ¼" 0.2 0-2