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Pressure regulators RPA1C

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Pressure pegulators of the RPA1 series are use for installation on standard cylinders with G3/4, W21.8x1/14» and W21.8x1/14» to LH. On request regulators can be completed with the stopper valve.

The ramp pressure regulator of the RPA1 series with a diaphragm from elastomer is the excellent decision for work with nonaggressive gases. The big range of configurations, the types of connections, profitability and usability provide a possibility of application for very wide range of tasks. Existence of the safety valve guarantees high degree of safety. On the case of the regulator of pressure there are four carving openings for simplicity of fastening on the panel.

Outlet pressure

- 1.5 - from 0 to 1.5 bar
- 4 - from 0 to 4 bar
- 10 - from 0 to 10 bar
- 16 - from 0 to 16 bar
- 20 - from 0 to 20 bar